Apple May Have Accidentally Leaked Newly Designed AirPods 3

Apple may have accidentally included an icon of an updated yet-to-be-announced AirPods 3 design in its newest iOS 13 update, according to recent reports. The upcoming beta version of iOS 13.2 in an Accessibility section of the Settings app is where the icon can be found. Referred to as B298 in iOS, the design features a more snug earbud with noise-reducing cushions that its rumored noise-canceling feature is expected to utilize. The software implies the AirPods 3 will showcase multiple listening modes, which many speculate will include noise-canceling.

The new icon looks similar to a previously leaked image of the AirPods 3 shown in a tweet below, and many critics suggest the refreshed design has been a long time coming considering Apple usually changes up the look of its product to accommodate new tech and features. With other true wireless earbuds, like Sony’s WF-1000XM3 headphones, it’s expected for Apple to refine its trendsetting product to not fall behind the competition.

9to5Mac‘s Guilherme Rambo says the new AirPods may be announced later this month at a yet-to-be-announced Apple event, with Forbes‘ David Phelan believing the AirPods 3’s will arrive sometime this year if not as soon as this month.


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