KAWS x Uniqlo UT 2019 collection

Update June 3, 2019:

Currently, BST has been officially released in many different markets in Asia. Less than 24 hours, but there have been many sold-out versions because of the hot of these items. There was even a fight at a store in China just to get favorite items from KAWS x Uniqlo 2019. However, according to my research, this is not a limited collection, so Uniqlo will surely Regularly update their stock. Do not be so worried about running out of goods and fighting like this, guys! Sitting home to buy online waiting for home delivery is so much fun ..

Happy for the cooperation between KAWS and Dior Homme not long. This tireless artist has a teaser collection coming out with a familiar Japanese name – UNIQLO. This is not the first time KAWS has cooperated with Uniqlo like this. It can be said that the images being posted on KAWS’s social network account are the third collection of the two cooperating together.

In the short video on Instagram, the character KAWS has three T-shirt designs with different drawings on the body of the shirt. Up to three different videos, two pink and blue KAWS holding different shirts. The last video is again the character’s hand running through each shirt appearing in the middle of the screen. The only thing that has not satisfied fashion and streetstyle believers is that these images are only reproduced through 3D drawings. The real sample of the collection has not been officially announced.

KAWS x Uniqlo UT

Despite posting videos like that, KAWS also posted the caption along with the video in an unhappy tone. “COMPANION is extremely disappointed that someone has posted pictures of the new collection with Uniqlo, so he has just uploaded these videos like that …” There is currently nothing new at the moment. about the duo, but Ragus hopes that it will be more diverse and more designed than the previous two releases.

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