25 Gorgeous Photos Of Corgi Butts That Will Drive You Completely Nuts

It’s hard to explain why, exactly, Corgi butts are such a phenomenon. It could just be the simple fact that—fluffy rears on stumpy legs are adorable. Whatever the reason, these cuties are in serious danger of breaking the Internet.

Corgis have become an integral part of the Internet, and if you weren’t aware, they’ve slowly taken over Instagram as well. Here are some of the most prominent stumpy legged corgs, and their floofy bottoms as well. (We all know that’s the most important part of the Corgi anyway)!

Ragus has complied some of the most floofiest and delighfuly looking Corgi rear-ends, so scroll down and enjoy — and let us know which ones your favourite!

#1 – You can look, but you can’t touch…

#2 – Just look at it

#3 – “I have mini drumstick legs” 🍗

#4 – I’m kind of a big deal.

#5 – Hey!😜 I’m a flying fluffy ball🎾🐾

#6 – Utter perfection

#7 – 🍑 of the year! 🏆

#8 – Does this even need an explanation…

#9 – Sexy booty 🍞🍞

#10 – Watcha looking at

#11 – Look at my fluffy butt! ❤️🐻🍑

#12 – Our boys had a 🍑 butt competition this morning, but we couldn’t decide who won. 🤔
Whose 🍑 is your favorite?

#13 – Do these undies make me look PHAT? 🙊🤷‍♀️

#14 – Because there is no such thing as too many corgi butts 🍑👌🏼 .

#15 – Corgi butts drive me nuts

#16 – ❤️❤️

#17 – Rounded bread loaf

#18 – The view you’ll often get from having corgis!

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#19 – Baby got back 🍞🍑

#20 – Does my butt look good in the dark?

#21 – Fish eye butt view

#22 – The perfect load 🍑🍑

#23 – What do you think about my butt ? 🐶

#24 – I always love to stay behind Zion to watch his momo shake 😬😬

#25 – Just Showing Off My Best ASSets 😜🍑🍑

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